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Your Invitation to Innovation: Save Europe!

The following is a guest post from a Data Innovation Day partner. Originally posted on StatSoft.

Beyond the confines of a single organization, can the proper application of analyzed data produce tangible results powerful enough to save an entire economy? Innovative thinking says, “Why not?”

The story is told at StatSoft HQ about a pharmaceutical company that implemented our flagship product, STATISTICA, in its production facility, and our software soon identified a problem with a major batch. Production managers were able to halt production, fix the problem, and resume operation, thus averting a product disaster that could have cost millions of dollars. Rapid ROI for our customer? You bet! Money-saving events like this help many companies save jobs and remain competitive.

A well-planned analytics solution can optimize business processes with such rapidity that ROI is sometimes measured in weeks or months, not years. Expenses can be reduced. Jobs can be spared. Factories can be saved. In fact, everything we do at StatSoft is designed to help real people and organizations–and, thus, the world–become more productive.

So, it is with this kind of immediate, positive impact in mind that StatSoft started to offer its enterprise-level STATISTICA software at no charge to businesses in Greece, Spain, and Portugal during the autumn of 2012. Real lives will be affected by what we do, and StatSoft is not comfortable standing by idly while these people suffer the most dire economic circumstances of their lives. We continue to make this offer with an eye toward the future: As Europe’s economy goes, so goes the world.

Of course, maximum benefit of this initiative will require involvement from a variety of software providers, not just those in data analytics. So, our CEO penned an ‘open letter’ to fellow software CEOs, explaining this unprecedented program and inviting them to participate with us. If we combine forces to help these EuroZone companies survive, then fewer people will suffer and B2B opportunities will remain viable.

And today, which is Data Innovation Day, this invitation still stands!

Paul Hiller is a Marketing Specialist at StatSoft, Inc.

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