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10 Steps Congress Can Take to Accelerate Data Innovation

Data is vital to both growing the economy and addressing important social problems, and Congress has many opportunities to pave the way for more use of data in the public and private sectors. This report lays out 10 concrete steps Congress can take in 2017 to accelerate how data is collected, shared, and used in the United States.

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One Response to 10 Steps Congress Can Take to Accelerate Data Innovation

  1. James says:

    I disagree with Mr. New’s thoughts on the section regarding the necessity to gather information about one’s sexual orientation. I “FEEL” that one’s ability to address concerns with their community should stem from that community. That community may be geographic or spiritual or ideological or sexual orientation. That community may engage their representatives or elect new ones. To have our government spend money on learning about ‘ANY” community does not accelerate data innovations, in my opinion, it would take time away from Congress passing meaningful laws that would directly benefit that community. Mr. New is a highly intelligent person. His writings are very informative. Thank you, Mr. New.

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