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Friday Roundup (8/17/2012)

by Daniel Castro

Boundary, a San Francisco-based start-up, has developed software that maps and monitors the performance of cloud-based applications. (LINK)

Canada has lagged behind the OECD in productivity growth. Could Big Data be the solution? (LINK)

“If you had told me beforehand me what Dremel claims to do, I wouldn’t have believed you could build it,” says Armando Fox, a professor of computer science at the University of California, Berkeley. Both Wired and ITworld describe new data analysis tools, including Dremel, which allows software engineers to analyze multiple petabytes of data at “blazing-fast” speed. (LINK) (LINK)

Meanwhile, the development of these powerful Big Data tools is threatening the incumbent business-intelligence industry, according to Forbes. (LINK)

And, as Big Data’s growth continues, where are we going to store it all? (LINK)

For those of us confused by all this Big Data talk, Steve Lohr at The New York Times provides a primer. (LINK)

Finally, the Census Bureau has released a smartphone app that provides constantly updated statistics on the U.S. economy. It’s Android-only for now; the Bureau plans to release an iOS version in the coming weeks. (LINK)

Image credit: Flickr user ah zut

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