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Why France Should Liberalize Access to DTC Genetic Testing

by Eline Chivot
Agnès Buzyn

Despite its many benefits and growing adoption, a few EU member states limit direct-to-consumer (DTC) genetic testing—or in the case of France and Germany prohibit it altogether. The French government’s recently revised law on bioethics illustrates France’s reluctance to change its rules, and is a good example of why EU policymakers should take the lead on calling for the consistency of these rules across Europe. DTC genetic testing provides an opportunity to increase wellness and prevention efforts in healthcare, and is transforming the practice of medicine. Countries that prohibit these tests are limiting their populations’ ability to access information about their own genetic legacies, which could be critical to their future health, and will fail to harness the significant economic benefits technological progress offers.

Read the full article in Contrepoints (French).

Image credit: Flickr

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