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UK-U.S. Alliance Will Boost Both Countries’ Quantum Industries

by Hodan Omaar

WASHINGTON—In response to the United States and United Kingdom’s declaration to cooperate on quantum information science and technology, Hodan Omaar, policy analyst at the Center for Data Innovation, released the following statement:

The announcement of a new UK-U.S. alliance on quantum computing should serve as a model for how like-minded nations should approach quantum leadership. Rather than pursuing an isolationist research agenda, the United States and United Kingdom rightly recognize that international collaboration will collectively drive their own quantum industries forward in a pro-competitive way by enabling them to leverage technological advances from researchers in other parts of the world.

By working together to jointly fund quantum R&D, build industry technology roadmaps, develop voluntary technology standards, and craft liberalized trade rules, the United Kingdom and United States can advance the base of quantum knowledge upon which private-sector competition can unfold. 

This alliance is the United States’ second cooperative agreement on quantum research—the other is with Japan. The next step for U.S. policymakers is to identify other peer nations and develop alliances that will advance quantum knowledge and promote quantum supply chains.

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