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Does the US Need a New AI Regulator?

by Daniel Castro

In response to concerns about artificial intelligence (AI), some are calling for Congress to establish a new regulatory agency dedicated to overseeing this emerging technology. The new agency would be charged with developing safety regulations that AI systems must pass before their release and issuing licenses to determine who can develop and deploy large-scale AI models. Proponents believe a new digital regulator is necessary to ensure that AI systems are safe, secure, and effective. Meanwhile, detractors argue an additional AI regulator is not only unnecessary given other laws and regulations but would slow down innovation, reduce competition, and weaken U.S. competitiveness.

Join the Center for Data Innovation and R Street for a webinar to discuss the potential costs and benefits of creating a new AI regulator in the United States, the extent to which regulators can address AI risks today, and what additional tools or resources might be necessary to hold companies accountable for their use of AI.

Date and Time:

  • June 6, 2023, 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM (EDT)


  • Daniel Castro, Director, Center for Data Innovation (moderator)
  • Ben Shneiderman, Emeritus Distinguished University Professor, Department of Computer Science, University of Maryland
  • Shane Tews, Nonresident Senior Fellow, American Enterprise Institute
  • Adam Thierer, Senior Fellow, R Street Institute
  • Lee Tiedrich, Distinguished Faculty Fellow in Ethical Technology, Duke University

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