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Harnessing AI for Carbon Neutrality

by Daniel Castro

As policymakers consider initiatives to address climate change, artificial intelligence (AI) presents a promising avenue for innovative solutions. Indeed, many sectors are using AI to reduce carbon emissions, such as optimizing traffic flows, manufacturing efficiency, and supply chains. In addition, AI is key to integrating renewable energy sources in the electric grid, including by forecasting energy supply and demand, optimizing energy consumption from buildings and electric vehicles, and predicting grid maintenance and extreme weather events. As the technology continues to advance, where do the biggest opportunities lie and how can policymakers support and scale up these opportunities?

Join the Center for Data Innovation for a panel discussion to explore the current landscape of AI applications in transitioning to a greener economy, identify key areas ripe for further exploration, and discuss actionable policy measures to foster innovation and adoption.

Date and Time:

  • April 24, 2024, 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM (EDT)


  • Daniel Castro, Director, Center for Data Innovation (moderator)
  • Constanza Gómez Mont, Founder and Principal, C Minds
  • Colin McCormick, Chief Innovation Officer, Carbon Direct
  • Reina Otsuka, Digital Innovation Lead for Nature and Climate, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
  • Josh Parker, Senior Director, Corporate Sustainability, NVIDIA

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