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by Daniel Castro

The Center for Data Innovation hosts the AI Policy Network. The AI Policy Network is a monthly forum for people working on policy issues related to artificial intelligence (AI). The goal of the AI Policy Network is to build a community of practice around AI policy in Washington and foster the exchange of ideas to advance all participants’ expertise. Each month, we host experts from the public sector, civil society, and academia to discuss their latest work on AI policy. These meetings are invite-only, closed to press, and off the record.

Past speakers have included:

  • Miranda Bogen, Senior Policy Analyst at Upturn
  • Jack Clark, Policy Director at OpenAI
  • Ranju Das, Head of Amazon Rekognition
  • Kamie Roberts, Director of the National Coordination Office for Networking and Information Technology Research and Development (NITRD)
  • Will Rineheart, Director of Technology and Innovation Policy at the American Action Forum
  • Dame Wendy Hall, a computer scientist, professor, and executive director of Web Science Institute at the University of Southampton
  • Dr. Matthew Daniels, Technical Director for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Research & Engineering
  • Dr. Nicol Turner-Lee, Fellow at the Brookings Institution’s Center for Technology Innovation, and Genie Barton, Founder of Privacy Genie
  • Dr. Lynne Parker, Assistant Director for Artificial intelligence at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy
  • Elizabeth Bradley, Professor of Computer Science at the University of Colorado and Vice-Chair of the Computing Research Association’s Computing Community Consortium (CCC).
  • Dr. Britt Paris, Assistant Professor of Library and Information Science
  • John Howard, Yevgeniy Sirotin and Laura Rabbitt, scientists at the SAIC Identity and Data Sciences Lab and the Maryland Test Facility
  • Frank Pasquale, a professor of law at the University of Maryland
  • Richard Socher, Chief Scientist at Salesforce
  • Sunmin Kim, Policy Chief at DOD’s Joint AI Center
  • Elham Tabassi, Chief of Staff, Information Technology Laboratory, NIST
  • Tabitha Goldstaub, UK AI Council Chair

For more information, contact info@datainnovation.org.

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