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Friday Roundup (7/27/2012)

by Daniel Castro
Olympics poster

David Shaywitz, co-founder of the Center for Assessment Technology and Continuous Health,  describes the goal and benefit of creating a unified health database in The Atlantic. (LINK)

In recent years, the Olympics has always been an opportunity to implement some of the latest practices in information security. During this year’s games, data analytics will allow security greater levels of analysis of log data from logical and physical controls. (LINK)

Released earlier in June, Big Data Solutions for Law Enforcement is a quick overview about how police and other law enforcement agencies are using data for predictive policing and to ensure accountability. (LINK)

The New York Times reports that Congress has opened a broad inquiry into the practices and policies of data brokers. (LINK)

Linden Holiday, the CEO of MyDrive Solutions, discusses the differences between low volume and high volume data for monitoring driving behavior, and the impact that might have on insurance. (LINK)

Image credit: Flickr user Viktor Hertz

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