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Friday Roundup (8/3/2012)

by Daniel Castro
Union Station in Kansas City

Alistair Croll on O’Reilly Radar makes the argument that “Big data is our generation’s civil rights issue” and shows the fine line between personalization and discrimination. (LINK)

The Government Accountability Office presented testimony calling for updates to federal law to address privacy issues around data mining. In particular, some agencies believe that the Privacy Act does not apply to systems that do not retrieve personal information using a unique identifier. (LINK)

On the security front, CIO describes how some universities, like many enterprises, are using data analytics to improve both physical and virtual security. (LINK)

The Information Security Forum released a report this week that found half of the organizations  are using data analytics to detect security threats. (LINK)

In “Talk to Me, One Machine Said to the Other,” the New York Times describes the growing amount of machine-to-machine (M2M) communications and its implications for mobile networks. (LINK)

Data innovation is not possible without fast networks. How much does these networks cost? Community Broadband News offers  a look at the economics behind Google’s gigabit broadband offering in Kansas City. (LINK)

Finally, if you need a Big Data infographic the WikiBon blog put together “The Big List of Big Data Infographics.” (LINK)

Image credit: Flickr user mike appel

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