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Friday Roundup (8/31/2012)

by Daniel Castro
Elena Dementieva prepares to return a serve at the US Open

How are state governments handling the data innovation revolution? This is the question NASCIO asks in a new report, “Is Big Data a Big Deal for State Governments” (LINK)

Time continues its coverage of “The Future of Retailing” with an article on how in-store data analytics is creating new shopping experiences. (LINK)

The Cloud Security Alliance has announced the launch of a Big Data Working Group to investigate best practices and standards for security and privacy of big data. (LINK)

For a somewhat contrarian view on data, health care consultants David Kibbe and Vince Kuraitis, argue that instead of launching ambitious “big” data projects in health care, providers should be focusing now on better using “small” data that they already have. (LINK)

IBM is bringing data analytics to the US Open Tennis tournament by, for example, using historical and real-time data to predict what a player must do to beat their opponent in a specific match. IBM will also be analyzing social media data to learn which players are the fan favorites. (LINK)

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Image credit: Flickr user Eugene Wei

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