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Friday Roundup (11/02/2012)

by Daniel Castro

The DMA recently launched the Data-Driven Marketing Institute (DDMI) to discuss how the data-driven world is reshaping how consumers and brands engage, interact and benefit from one another. Be sure to check out the webinar on November 13, 2012 to learn how to get involved with this group. (LINK)

GreenTechGrid offered an early look at how Opower is not only innovating on the consumer front with home energy data analytics, but it is also developing new tools to deal with the backend big data demands of the smart grid. (LINK)

Derek Elmerick, a VP at First Manhattan Consulting Group, has an interesting article on TheFinancialBrand.com where he digs into some myths about the use of data analytics by financial sectors and offers advice on how banks can more effectively use data to market their services. (LINK)

Finally, ZDNet TechLines posted a video of an interesting discussion on big data use cases with panelists from Ford, NASA, Achimedes and IBM. Be sure to check it out. (LINK)

See an interesting “Big Data” story? Email Daniel Castro (dcastro@itif.org).

Photo credit: Flickr user metaroll

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