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Updated R&D Strategic Plan Strengthens Federal Commitment to AI

by Daniel Castro

WASHINGTON—The Center for Data Innovation today welcomed the White House’s update to its National Artificial Intelligence R&D Strategic Plan. The Center issued the following statement from its director, Daniel Castro:

Robust government support for R&D is necessary for the United States to lead in the AI economy. The updated strategic plan for AI R&D will keep federally funded research prioritized around the advancements critical to using AI to improve the economy, society, and national security. The White House’s forward-looking strategic plan shows that this administration recognizes the value of AI to U.S. interests and it will continue to champion U.S. leadership in this field. Importantly, this strategic plan establishes a new focus on public-private partnerships to expand access to resources, including data, facilities, and expertise. This plan is a welcome update to the guidance federal funding agencies will use to ensure federal AI R&D dollars continue to have high-impact and high return on investment.

The Center released a report in December articulating an AI strategy for the United States, laying out six overarching goals and 40 specific policy recommendations for Congress and the administration to support AI development and adoption.

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