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Comments to OSTP on Data for the Bioeconomy

by Gillian Diebold
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The Center for Data Innovation has responded to a request for information from the Office of Science and Technology on the steps OSTP can take to ensure a data ecosystem that supports a strong bioeconomy in the United States.

In response to the RFI, the Center offers four recommendations to bolster data for the bioeconomy: 1) OSTP should expedite and ensure proper implementation of open access policies for government-funded research publications and data; 2) OSTP should foster data sharing between government, industry, and academia using tools like cooperative research and development agreements (CRADAs) and data trusts; 3) OSTP should identify data divides in the bioeconomy to ensure that datasets are representative and that all Americans can participate; and 4) OSTP should treat data more like software or infrastructure and provide datasets with the routine maintenance afforded to other public goods.

Read the filing.

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