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Reddit’s Datasets

by Travis Korte
The /r/Datasets subreddit

One of the most popular features of social news site Reddit is its variety of discussion categories (called subreddits) organized around different niche interests. They include popular mainstream categories, like Pics, as well as smaller pages for specific groups, like PetMice. So it is no wonder that among the more than 12,000 active subreddits, Datasets exists.

The subreddit has amassed around 6,500 subscribers since its creation four years ago, but it remains relatively little-known.

Highlights include a database of over 600 battles fought between 1600 and 1973, the last words of every inmate executed in Texas since 1984, and 10,000 photos of cats. The cat photos may sound frivolous, but such datasets have been used recently for cutting-edge machine vision research.

Get the datasets.

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