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An API for Mobile Phone Accessibility

by Travis Korte
The FCC's Accessibility Clearinghouse provides information on communications devices for people with disabilities.

The Federal Communications Commission’s Accessibility Clearinghouse offers a variety of information about phones and other means of communication that are accessible to people with disabilities. The clearinghouse includes data on communications devices, service providers, equipment manufacturers, and other products and services. Users can browse resources by manufacturer, physical features, and how accessible they are to a given disability. Entries for devices include details on a broad range of accessibility features, including whether or not a user can adjust the device’s font size and whether or not the device supports voice-activated dialing, and searches are sorted according to how many of the 100 possible accessibility features each device offers.  Although not available for bulk download, the data is accessible through a public application programming interface (API).

Get the data.

Photo: Flickr user Quinn Dombrowski

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