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Measuring the Stability of Countries

by Alexander Kostura
Fragile States index

The Fund for Peace, a non-profit research organization focusing on international conflicts, has released the data for its Fragile States Index for 2016, an annual report ranking 178 countries on their stability as indicated by 12 political, social, and economic indicators. For example, a corrupt police force and poor public service infrastructure are both political indicators of instability. The Fund for Peace develops these metrics by analyzing millions of media reports, social science research papers, and government documents every year. The dataset contains scores for each of these indicators for each country, an average score for each country, and a rank reflecting how each country compares to the rest of the world. According to the ranking, the most fragile state is Somalia and the most stable is Finland. The 2016 Fragile States Index reflects major geopolitical events that affect national stability, including the effect of the Syrian refugee crisis on neighboring countries, domestic uncertainty about immigration in Central Europe, and armed conflict in Nigeria spilling over international borders.

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