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Sharing Data on Chicago’s Bike-Shares

by Alexander Kostura
Divvy bikes

The City of Chicago has published granular information about the use of its bike-sharing system, called Divvy, from 2013 to the present, as open data, and will continue to update this data on a regular basis. Divvy operates a fleet of more than 5,000 shareable bikes at 580 docking stations across the metro area. Chicago’s largest open data set to date, the data contains over 52 million rows of information on the number of available bikes and spots at docking stations, at 10-minute intervals, as well as the origin, destination, and time of every Divvy trip. By making the data publicly available, city officials hope to spur the development of apps and tools to improve the bike-sharing system and address other transportation challenges. The city will update the bike availability data every hour and the trip data every six months.

Get the data.

Image: Steven Vance.

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