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Tracking 70 Years of Housing Prices in San Francisco

by Joshua New
San Francisco

For his personal blog, Eric Fischer, “data artist” and software developer at Mapbox, has compiled a data set of housing prices in San Francisco starting in 1948 to provide new insights into the city’s increasingly expensive housing market. Using the same methodology as the city’s official housing records, which provides this data for the period of 1979 to 2001, Fischer transcribed every housing advertisement in the San Francisco Chronicle’s archives on the first Sunday of every month to build a structured data set of how prices have varied over time, and did the same for real estate postings on Craigslist postings from 2002 through the present. By combining this data with official sources, Fischer was able to chart the steady increase in housing prices over time and provide several recommendations for how to make housing more affordable.

Take a look.

Image: Ian Ransley

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