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5 Q’s with Vadim Rogovskiy, Co-founder and CEO at 3DLOOK

by Sujai Shivakumar
3DLOOK CEO Vadim Rogovskiy

The Center for Data Innovation spoke with Vadim Rogovskiy, co-founder and CEO of 3DLOOK,  a company offering mobile body scanning technology. Rogovskiy discussed how the company’s technology allows retailers to offer personalized shopping experiences based on the consumers’ actual body shape and measurements, reduce returns while increasing sales, and optimize design, product development, inventory planning, and distribution of apparel and other products.

This interview has been edited.

Sujai Shivakumar: What needs does 3DLOOK address, and how does it work? 

Vadim Rogovskiy: 3DLOOK’s AI-first mobile body scanning solutions instantly capture consumers’ unique body shape and measurement data, driving innovation in the apparel industry and beyond. 3DLOOK uses a patented combination of computer vision, neural networks, and 3D statistical modeling to instantly measure the human body using just two smartphone snaps of a fully clothed customer. 

3DLOOK’s flagship product for e-commerce, called YourFit, provides personalized fit and size recommendations for online shoppers as well as body data intelligence that brands can use to create better-fitting clothes. Some of the biggest names in retail now use 3DLOOK’s solutions to maximize the number of paying customers and average order value (AOV), reduce returns, and deliver a superior customer experience that drives loyalty. 3DLOOK’s brand partners have quadrupled their retail checkout rates within a year and reduced return rates by 30 percent.

3DLOOK’s Uniform Pro solution for the uniform industry makes workwear fitting more efficient and convenient. In addition to reducing returns, the technology saves sales representatives time, ensuring consistent measurements and instantly connecting uniformed staff with garments that fit properly.

Shivakumar: What are the chief concerns for consumers in digitizing body measurements?

Rogovskiy: We created our solution after thorough research, and we continue to upgrade our technology based on user tests to make sure that consumers’ needs are met, and concerns are addressed.

Since the solutions use photos, some might be concerned about their personal privacy, but 3DLOOK’s technology offers a convenient, fast, contactless fitting experience without the need to remove any clothing. We receive the photos through a safe connection, then process them to obtain the landmarks on the human body and create a precise 3D model of the human body, after which the photos are instantly and permanently deleted.

Shoppers who have tried our solutions find that the process is quick and simple, does not require any special skills or third-party assistance, and is effective as evidenced by our client’s results.

 Shivakumar: How do apparel retailers benefit from using this technology?

Rogovskiy: 3DLOOK’s YourFit provides the fit certainty e-commerce shoppers are looking for. It provides them with the peace of mind that they will get a size recommendation based on their unique body shape and dimensions. In turn, this boosts shoppers’ confidence in their purchase which increases purchase rates. By recommending the correct fit, the technology greatly reduces return rates on purchases. These returns are often generated by consumers who buy multiple sizes and return the ones that do not fit.

The body data collected through our widget gives brands actionable insights on their customers’ body measurements and shapes. Brands can then use body data analytics to create and distribute clothes that actually fit their customers. The data can be also used in marketing activities to target the customers with the products that will fit their unique shapes and sizes and promote certain styles that they might normally have missed. 

Shivakumar: What have been the main challenges of growing a non-traditional technology start-up?

Rogovskiy: The main challenge was to create the technology in the first place. Back in 2016 when my partners and I co-founded the company, this technology did not exist, and many companies failed in trying to create one. It took a year of trial and error to develop a viable technology.

Another challenge was to ensure tech adoption. At first, our technology did not catch on in entertainment and fitness applications. After conducting market research, we switched to a focus on the apparel industry, where 3DLOOK’s technology immediately caught the attention of leading brands. The demand is growing daily as we partner with forward-thinking companies to completely change the customer experience.

Shivakumar: How do you see the technology and applications extending to markets beyond apparel? 

Rogovskiy: The fashion industry is just the first to adopt mobile body scanning technology on a large scale, and we see growing demand as the world’s leading brands and uniform apparel companies turn to 3DLOOK’s solutions to deliver unique shopping experiences. Now that 3DLOOK has established itself in the apparel industry, the patented technology is poised to expand far beyond the clothing sector to health & fitness, gaming and personalized furniture and car seats. Our goal is to deliver unique personalized experiences and become an industry standard in everything that requires personalization based on human body data.

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