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Mapping Global DDoS Attacks

by Travis Korte
Digital Attack Map

The Digital Attack Map displays real-time data on distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks worldwide, using anonymous network traffic from 270+ internet service providers. Each attack can be highlighted to display metadata, such as start and end times, as well as the maximum traffic-per-second delivered by each attack. The map, powered by Google Ideas and network security software firm Arbor Networks, also tracks the activity over time and highlights some interesting incidents, such as a major international attack on a United Arab Emirates server in July 2013, along with news stories on DDoS attacks from the dates of the incidents.

Although the maps display the target country and originating country when that data is available, the maps creators warn that this is not necessarily an accurate geographical picture of malicious users. DDoS attacks, which attempt to disable web servers by directing large amounts of traffic to them, are often conducted through remote botnets in areas with high bandwidth internet access, masking the locations of users originating the attacks. The data is updated hourly and goes back to June 1, 2013.

Take a look.

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