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A Platform for the World’s Crisis Data

by Travis Korte
A screen shot from an Ushahidi blog post detailing a CrisisNET use case.

Last week, nonprofit mapping software company Ushahidi launched CrisisNET, a data platform for information related to humanitarian crises around the globe. The site, now in public beta, is an initiative to continuously collect, organize, and clean crisis information from various sources in order to make the data easily accessible through an application programming interface (API). The site draws data from sources including Ushahidi’s own data collection infrastructure in various countries as well as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the United Nations humanitarian information portal ReliefWeb. The Ushahidi team has also published a series of blog posts documenting CrisisNET use cases, including using mapping violence in Syria and using Twitter data to analyze the World Cup riots in Brazil.

Get the data.

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