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Ikea’s Interactive Visualization of Morning Life

by Travis Korte
Ikea's Data Mixing Board in action

Ikea’s Data Mixing Board lets users visualize various correlations between morning behavior and well-being. The data, collected as part of the company’s Life at Home report, comes from a survey of people in eight major cities around the world and consists of 8,292 respondents from ages 18-60. Respondents described various aspects of their morning routine, including how many times they hit the snooze button in the morning and whether or not they have breakfast. Respondents also indicated their perceived life satisfaction along with other measures of well-being. The visualization encourages users to test their own hypotheses (although warning that the visual results are not necessarily statistically significant) and it is not hard to find interesting correlations. For example, people who use an alarm clock and press the snooze button repeatedly tend to report being more stressed than people who do not wake up to an alarm clock.

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