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Visualizing Climate Change After the Paris Climate Deal

by Elaine Ding
Climate Change Calculator

The Financial Times and Climate-KIC, a non-profit organization devoted to mitigating the harms of climate change, have created the COP21 Climate Change Calculator, an interactive data visualization illustrating the combined pledges of the 195 countries that adopted the December 2015 Paris climate deal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2100. The Climate Change Calculator allows users to examine how the pledges will likely affect global temperatures by comparing each government’s proposed emissions reduction with what would happen if each country does nothing. The visualization also shows how countries would have to further reduce emissions to ensure the global average temperature does not increase more than 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels by 2100. Additionally, users can manipulate each country’s emissions reduction to observe its estimated impact on global average temperature increase by 2100.

Take a look.

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