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Describing Malicious Bot Traffic through Music 

by Cassidy Chansirik
Sound waves of bot and human Internet traffic.

Kasada, a software company in New York that creates products to detect and defend against automated bot attacks, has created an online tool called Botronica that uses sonification technology to translate malicious bot traffic into sounds. Since cyberattacks are designed to silently blend in with benign Internet activity, Botronica assigns different tones to human traffic, good bot traffic (such as those that automate tasks for users), and malicious bot traffic, to allow companies to experience attacks from a different perspective. The results are three-part synth-pop songs. For example, one sonification called, “Jingle Bell Bot,” harmonizes the sounds of 1.3 million malicious bot requests, 35.1 million human requests, and 7.5 million good bot requests. 

Take a listen. 

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