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A Map of Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes

by Travis Korte
A map visualization of most popular Thanksgiving recipes

Just in time for Thanksgiving, an interactive recipe map from CNBC shows what each U.S. state will be eating during the holiday. Using data from allrecipes.com and a Tableau visualization platform, the map shows how the most popular recipes for various food categories differ from state to state.

The holiday, which originated in New England in the 17th century, has spread across the country, but the visualization shows how strongly regional cuisines persist. For example, while cranberry sauce preference remains constant across the country, the pie landscape is much more diverse, with sweet potato holding out in the South, pumpkin dominating the Midwest, pecan persisting in Texas and Oklahoma and Apple winning out everywhere else. While most of the country has converged on mashed potatoes, Creole-influenced Louisiana still prefers au gratin.

Take a look.

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