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Visualizing Gender Balance on Corporate Boards

by Travis Korte
A screenshot from GenderMap.

GenderMap, a web-based interactive visualization, lets users explore data from over 14,000 companies around the world and see how gender balance varies with company size and from sector to sector. The visualization, created by London-based business analytics sotware firm Data Morphosis Group and New York-based data visualization agency TWO-N, was released in October 2013 and updated in April 2014.

The visualization represents each company as a rectangle and colors it according to the number of women on its board of directors. Users can group the companies into categories like size, industry and country to look for insights. A few clicks reveal that companies from Japan and India are relatively male-dominated, while companies from France and South Africa are relatively more gender balanced.  In the United States, utilities companies have some of the most female board members, while basic materials companies have some of the fewest.

Take a look.

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