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Visualizing the Science Behind Nuclear Weapons

by Morgan Stevens
Data viz on nuclear bombs

Visual Capitalist, an online publisher that creates data visualizations, has created an infographic depicting the scientific process of nuclear weapons. The infographic shows the process of nuclear fission, nuclear fusion, and the height and radius of atomic and hydrogen bombs used in the past. One section of the infographic displays the scale of atomic bombs Little Boy and Fat Man used in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, hydrogen bomb Castle Bravo that the United States’ used in its largest-ever nuclear weapon test in 1954, and hydrogen bomb Tsar Bomba that the Soviet Union tested in 1961, compared to the size of Mount Everest. According to this visualization, Tsar Bomba  produced 51,000 kilotons of TNT and a mushroom cloud over 67 kilometers or 42 miles high.

Take a look.

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