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Visualizing Driving Distances to Abortion Clinics

by Morgan Stevens
Data viz on abortion bans

The New York Times has created a series of interactive visualizations showing how far patients have to drive to receive a legal abortion after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. The visualizations show how driving distances became longer for patients in states with trigger laws automatically banning abortion services. Viewers can then select options to see how driving distances change if states without a trigger ban, like Florida or Virginia, ban abortion services. According to the visualization, 27 states have trigger bans, existing bans from before Roe v. Wade, are likely to ban abortion services in the next legislative session, or have political environments conducive to banning abortions. In these states, women would have to travel more than 200 miles to obtain a legal abortion if policymakers ban all abortion services. 

Take a look.

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