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Visualizing Time Changes

by Morgan Stevens
Data viz on time changes

FiveThirtyEight, a data journalism website, has created an interactive visualization comparing what would happen if daylight saving time in the United States were eliminated, made permanent, or kept as is, to help individuals optimize for their daylight preferences. The visualization displays the percentage of days each U.S. county will experience early sunrises or late sunsets if standard time, which sacrifices the evening sun in favor of earlier dawns, were adopted all year compared to permanent daylight saving time, which would bring brighter evenings but much darker mornings. For example, residents of Maricopa County, Arizona who prefer early sunrises would enjoy 90 percent of days in the years where the sun rises before or at 7:30 AM if daylight saving time is kept as is or standard time is adopted year-round, but if daylight saving time is made permanent there would only be 55 percent of days in the year where the sun rises before or at 7:30 AM.

Take a look.

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